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(CNN) Many observers are perplexed by the decision of some Black Lives Matter activists to twice disrupt attempted addresses by presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders. Well, I am not perplexed. The new generation of civil rights activists never accepted "trickle-down economics" from conservatives. Today they are rejecting "trickle-down justice" from the...

(CNN) First, let me say where I agree with clerk Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refuses to grant marriage licenses to same sex couples in defiance of the U.S. Supreme Court's recent ruling. I, too, believe that each individual has the moral duty to defy any law that he or she deems...

(CNN) The process of winnowing candidates to participate in the Republican primary debate is deserving of all the ridicule thrown its way. But here's the worst part: Thursday's debate will include a carnival barker who grabs headlines by throwing racial bombshells. But it will exclude a former governor who is demonstrating that conservative...

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