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(CNN) The entire political class is united in expressing outrage at Donald Trump's latest diatribes that promote discrimination against Muslims overseas. Rightly so! But many of those same politicians are quietly tolerating -- and even abetting -- another kind of discrimination, right here at home. A white man and a...

Written by Richard Branson and Van Jones, exclusively for the A3A criminal justice blog series. From the perspective of philanthropic institutions and individuals, criminal justice is not a distant problem that primarily concerns governments. The failures of the criminal justice system, from mass incarceration to egregious racial inequalities, have had...

This weekend, the Environmental Media Association hosted the 25th Annual EMA Awards at Warner Brothers Studios. Everyone on the green carpet were very enthusiastic about helping the environment and they couldn't wait to share their tips. Sarah Wright finds checking beauty products' ingredients to be one of the ways she...

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Watch memorable clips from #cut50's historic Bipartisan Summit on Criminal Justice Reform.

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In his TED Talk, Van lays out a case against plastic pollution from the perspective of social justice.


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