FAST COMPANY: 12 Most Creative Minds on Earth

Culled from the pages of Fast Company magazine, this year's top creative minds took risks, spurred ideas, and represented a masterful force driving every facet of business forward. Meet the 12 most creative minds of 2008.


Van Jones has coined the term "green-collar jobs." Last year, Jones led a coalition of business, labor, and environmental groups that persuaded the Oakland City Council to provide $250,000 in seed money for America's first green-collar-jobs corps. He helped draft the Pathways out of Poverty legislation which pledged $125 million to train 35,000 people a year in green-collar jobs. And in February, Jones launched Green for All, an organization whose goal is to procure $1 billion in federal funding by 2012 for green-collar programs. "We are going to have to weatherize millions of homes and install millions of solar panels. That's millions of new jobs. We need to connect the people who most need the work with the work that most needs to be done," he says. 
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