2013 Wrap Up

As 2013 comes to an end, we at Rebuild the Dream would like to thank all of our supporters, fellow game-changers and allies who have been striving to create and implement smart, creative solutions for the 99 percent.

Under the leadership of our president Van Jones, our community has persevered and made


impact on the national political landscape. 

  • You helped our Keystone XL video go viral, engaging hundreds of thousands of people to move to the streets to fight its approval in D.C.
  • You brought national attention to the gun debate by taking part in the collaborative art project called the Gun Show Gallery, submitting and sharing hundreds of posters designs against gun violence -- infusing culture and creativity into a perilous political movement.
  • You helped Van to call out the Tea Party’s biggest demagogue, Sen. Ted Cruz for his role in the government shut down in front of millions on national television. We hope you enjoyed it. We know we did. [Watch it here]
  • Most recently, more than a 120,000 of you successfully signed a petition to get Bush-era Ed DeMarco fired as head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

We couldn't have done any of this without you and we welcome you to join us for an even more amazing adventure in 2014!

To see more of Rebuild and Van's highlights from this past year, watch the videos below. 

Happy New Year!

[via Rebuild the Dream]


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