EPISODE THREE: In our last episode, I run into my toughest challenge yet: a young Trump supporter who won't back down. Wearing his 'MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" cap like a battle helmet, he opens rhetorical fire on Hillary Clinton -- and he doesn't miss one attack line.

The results are in! Van provided the voice we needed to hear. Check out all of his election night wisdom (and a few of the nights leading up) on our playlist below:

EPISODE TWO: THE MESSY TRUTH - I visit with four moms in Gettysburg. Each is supporting a different candidate for President.

EPISODE ONE: THE MESSY TRUTH: In the first episode of The Messy Truth, I visit a family of Trump supporters in historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania -- the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War and one day after Trump gives his own ‘Gettysburg Address.’

  In America today, the establishment is on the ropes, the rebels are on the rise, and now the people are ready to talk. People aren’t just talking, they’re screaming at the top of their lungs. But we can’t seem to listen. In the midst of all the inflammation and...

Rebuild The Dream's Founder and President, Van Jones, was on air covering the debate live for CNN.  If you can't watch live, below is the playlist of his appearances (I will be updating it as more come in). First Presidential Debate Playlist: And if you want to see Van's candid take...

Watch and listen to the two of them letting loose on politics, race, religion, inequality, sports, and the media,  

Want more DNC?  Watch Van Jones all week live from the convention. Check out our playlist below (updated daily): And Van's #cut50 initiative has teamed up with Rock The Vote to host a large-scale pop-up art exhibition, discussion forum and live performances designed to elevate and illuminate the most pressing issues...

Can't get enough of the RNC drama? Check out our elections playlist for the latest clips from Van Jones -- live all week in Cleveland (and wish him luck)!!  


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