Watch and listen to the two of them letting loose on politics, race, religion, inequality, sports, and the media,  

Want more DNC?  Watch Van Jones all week live from the convention. Check out our playlist below (updated daily): And Van's #cut50 initiative has teamed up with Rock The Vote to host a large-scale pop-up art exhibition, discussion forum and live performances designed to elevate and illuminate the most pressing issues...

Can't get enough of the RNC drama? Check out our elections playlist for the latest clips from Van Jones -- live all week in Cleveland (and wish him luck)!!  

The ideological divisions afflicting the U.S. right now are so deep that it is difficult to imagine how we will ever have a functioning democracy. We cannot seem to agree on even the most basic values. Some people are trying to raise awareness about police brutality in the black community...

In an exclusive video for Mic, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Common, Chris Rock, Taraji P. Henson, Van Jones and others describe the mundane actions that cost black Americans their lives. Watch below: For the full post from Mic's Jamilah King, click here

Check out Van's latest commentary on the presidential elections!

(CNN) The entire political class is united in expressing outrage at Donald Trump's latest diatribes that promote discrimination against Muslims overseas. Rightly so! But many of those same politicians are quietly tolerating -- and even abetting -- another kind of discrimination, right here at home. A white man and a...


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